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Corporate Training

Managing an Employee Coming Out

Managing an employee transitioning can be scary and unfamiliar to corporate management. The word 'transgender' has become a hot button political issue- causing passionate responses from employees that may have no experience with the community itself. Private corporate sessions with Maddie can either be geared towards management, workers, or both at once- to better prepare teams in advance of a colleague changing their name and/or public gender identity. 


Corporate sessions with Maddie are rooted in the idea that education about gender is the key to creating acceptance and understanding at work. Ultimately, transgender folks are mothers, daughters, and people trying to live their lives and succeed at work like everyone else. Reframing gender as a lived reality as opposed to a political talking point is key to creating cohesive teams. 

Public Speaking and Media Enquiries

Due to Maddie's continued employment as a Trade Commissioner for the Government of Canada, requests for public appearances or media enquiries will receive heavy vetting. 

My Approach

Ultimately, there is no correct way of 'coming out' at work, many people may not feel the need to make a formal announcement, but work places and colleagues must make very real changes based on the private decision of an employee to publicly embrace their gender identity. HR has to take care of email addresses, door signage, bathroom labels, etc. 

Maddie's story is one that can make all listeners reconsider their ideas of gender and how it impacts the work place- while creating an environment of understanding for those in the transgender community. 

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My Approach
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